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RiMCAD Effect

RiMCAD Effect

User friendliness - One of the main features of RiMCAD Effect is the user friendliness. The intuitive design of the system ensures that even a beginning draftsman knows its way quite quickly with the system without compromising on functionality.

Style - The system has several features that support a draftsman to create his own style in a drawing: by using bitmaps, transparency and gradient colors, a technical drawing can be transformed into an appealing presentation.

Exchange - RiMCAD Effect has import and export modules to the common file formats DWG and DXF, allowing drawings to be exchanged with other CAD systems. A high quality PDF export also allows drawings to be sent to non-CAD users. Also printing to large format printers is no problem.

Rendering - RiMCAD includes a built-in function that allows photorealistic rendering of 3D drawings. So there is no need to purchase an external application to present a 3D drawing.

Development - The RiMCAD development team is relatively small. This allows reacting quickly to problems or customers' needs. RiMCAD development is also driven by requests from our dealers (and thus indirectly the end-user).

Expandability - RiMCAD effect can be enhanced through a programmable interface (API). Additional (branch-specific) functionality can be developed by a dealer in C/C++ or Java.